LTYG Affiliate Program


We have switched our affiliate program to a new platform so applications submitted using the "Apply Now" button on the right will NOT be reviewed. If you would like to apply to our affiliate program, please visit this URL:


About our shoppe...


Are visitors to your site looking for an effective natural treatment for gut, bowel and colon, and whole-body health? Each of our products and herbal and natural remedies are tried-and-tested by Jini Patel Thompson and her thousands of readers to ensure they are safe, excellent quality and likely to be well-tolerated by people with a sensitive digestive system. All of Jini's natural home remedies and herbal treatments for everything from anemia to hemorrhoids, tried-and-tested and all in one place!


Program Benefits


  • Earn a 20% commission for each sale you refer.
  • There is NO cap on your earnings.
  • Easily access your clicks and commissions.
  • We pay you quarterly on all sales referred if your balance exceeds $99.
  • Commissions can be paid via check OR PayPal


Commission Payment Schedule


  • Q1 commissions are paid in April.
  • Q2 commissions are paid in July.
  • Q3 commissions are paid in October.
  • Q4 commissions are paid in January.


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