LTYG Affiliate Program

About our shoppe...


Are visitors to your site looking for an effective natural treatment for gut, bowel and colon, and whole-body health? Each of our products and herbal and natural remedies are tried-and-tested by Jini Patel Thompson and her thousands of readers to ensure they are safe, excellent quality and likely to be well-tolerated by people with a sensitive digestive system. All of Jini's natural home remedies and herbal treatments for everything from anemia to hemorrhoids, tried-and-tested and all in one place!


Program Benefits


  • Earn a 25% commission for each sale you refer.
  • There is NO cap on your earnings.
  • Easily access your clicks and commissions.
  • We pay you quarterly on all sales referred if your balance exceeds $99.
  • Commissions can be paid via check OR PayPal


Commission Payment Schedule


  • Q1 commissions are paid in April.
  • Q2 commissions are paid in July.
  • Q3 commissions are paid in October.
  • Q4 commissions are paid in January.


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